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  • We manufacture and supply in cast iron, wrought iron, cast aluminium and compressed iron for gates & railing components.
  • All the products are packed in sections. We can even assemble and send it you as a complete Gate, Fence or Balcony Railing.
  • Wrought iron quality we use Mild Steel, all hand forged.
  • We use oil paint double coat on any iron products made in our Factory. We do not recommended powder coating on big products like our gates because of the container stuffing damages. However, we can still help you out with powder coating in all other smaller products upon request.
  • As most of our work is handwork there may be some variations in size, colour and weight up to 5%. Such variations are within manufacture tolerances and in no way reflect an inferior product.

All our sandstone is derived from the Quarry of Gujarat. Every product is hand crafted with the hammer and chisel. We do not mix any kind of concrete with the natural stone. We have three standard colors Light & Dark Beige, Light & Dark Grey & Red. Photographs shown in our catalogues & website of the products will look different because of the nature of the stone. The grey and red textures finishes sometimes is in the stone, which may reflect while polishing the stone or it, may not come up. Sandstone will tend to change its color with the time and weather conditions and also will become stronger.  Photographs of our products in the catalogues and website have been either taken after some ages of the product or immediately after the making. When you receive any of our sandstone products it might look different. It’s not a point of worry you will get that natural texture effect after sometime

  • All the wooden furniture shown on our website & catalogue is made from reclaimed teak / mango wood.
  • All our furniture is made from hand carved solid Timber. No MDF.
  • We make sure that we use the wood of the right grade. Our wood specialists make sure to do a constructive research if the wood is seasoned correctly and if it is from a high quality & right source. Correctly seasoned wood is a must considering the environment around the client.
  • We take tailored orders to suit your any kind of requirement.
  • Range of Timber our furniture is made Teak, Oak, Pine, Mango and Sheesham.
  • Any kind of finish or French polishing available.

Our catalogue provides information relating to the Classic Art Home and Garden products range. We have taken best efforts to ensure that the information contained in this web site is current and accurate at the date of publication. Classic Art reserves the right to change, add or delete products from its range at any time, without notice, and is in no way obligated by inclusion on this web site.

The trademark of Classic Art and any other product names, service names or logos of Classic Art used, quoted and/or referenced in this Web Site are trademarks of Classic Art

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